9% Price Increase Predicted – Good news for Pine Island Real Estate

CoreLogic predicts a 9% year-over-year price increase for Florida.   This is great news for Pine Island Real Estate and SWFL as home listing prices continue to rise.  Of course, this is better news for sellers than buyers but there are still many deals to be had on Pine Island.  As many snowbirds begin to head north, now may be the time to make an offer on your vacation dream home or future retirement spot – the key is to make your move before you find yourself using the words “I should have….”

Florida is amongst only a few states across the country posting a +6% gain in pricing or more.  The greater majority of the country is expected to be below that.  So this is great news for sellers on Pine Island.  In terms of the East Coast, Florida outranks other states including Connecticut and New Hampshire who are expected to post gains slightly above the 6% mark.

As one would expect, pricing is based on demand and availability but there is one other factor that drives demand in Florida – weather.  Florida’s warmer temperatures drives hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.  When it comes to home buying, many of today’s customers are looking for a warmer place to retire, fishing, boating and other outdoor activities.  Pine Island offers all of that when it comes to real estate choices.

Check out my webpage to pull your own Customized Market Analysis (CMA) or give me a call to help you (239) 223-5758.  As a full-time real estate agent for NextHome Advisors on Pine Island, I have a better handle on pricing trends as I am fully immersed in the market.  My local insights on property pricing, sales and other relevant home data is critical to helping you make the right home purchase.  Feel free to call anytime with Pine Island Real Estate questions.

FL home pricing on the rise.
FL home pricing on the rise.

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Pine Island Real Estate

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If you’re a BUYER, my goal is to find you a home that suits your needs and meets your budget.  If you’re a SELLER, my priority is to get your home seen by as many potential home-seekers as possible, and get you a contracted sale that meets your expectations.

In either case, give me a call to discuss your real estate needs.  And, if you’re just looking for local information or fishing pointers to catch that keeper redfish, monster tarpon, sneaky snook or a tasty trout, I hope you’ll call me for that too.

Background on Pine Island Real Estate:

Pine Island is located along the Southwest Coast of Florida along the Gulf of Mexico.  The island is 17 miles long and 2 miles wide.  While the island has no beaches, it has tremendous attraction to thousands of visitors who come here each year.  It’s hard to explain but it’s part Key West and part rural country town.  One thing for sure — it’s one of the few places along the Florida coastline that has managed to escape over-development.  Current building regulations have prevented high density, high-rise development on Pine Island.  So for now, Pine Island’s rural country charm remains.

As an avid fisherman.  I began visiting Pine Island in 2003.  In 2010, I decided to purchase a home in St. James City as vacation and rental home. My passion for tarpon fishing is what initially brought me to the island.  As a full-time realtor for NextHome Advisors,  I now get to share my passion for the island with visitors and prospective clients.  So, free to call me for local information, fishing tips and Pine Island real estate questions.  I can be reached at (239) 223-5758.

Pine Island Tarpon
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