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Who is NextHome Advisors? 

Our service is better than Ritz Carlton; our culture is like Zappos, our results are like Google, our marketing is like Apple and our agents have fun like they are at Disney! Oh, and we get people moving to their NextHome!

Your Real Estate Career

Join NextHome Advisors and take your Real Estate Career to the next level. We are aggressively growing our firm with passionate, competent, ambitious Real Estate Professionals throughout Southwest Florida. We invite you to learn more about what we offer, our rich company culture, and our vision of how real estate should be done. Our comprehensive, robust but simple platform, consumer centric brand, and cutting edge technology sets us apart from everyone else in the industry. 

Our Unique Offering

We offer Full Time Broker support with two Brokers. We PAY for your listings to be Featured Listings on and every single lead goes right back to the listing agent, which allows you to significantly grow your business. We offer unique professional listing tools to help you obtain more business.  We offer aggressive splits with caps compared to other brokerages in the area. 

Client Centric Brand

Our design and branding is created with consumers at the core. Connect and resonate with your clients through a fresh culture, enticing design and meaningful brand. A modern style that connects, resonates, and communicates what you do!

Our Culture

Our culture speaks to who we are, what kind of agent we attract, and how we are perceived by the consumer in our industry. What do brokers really need in order to partner with their agents and provide the best customer service they can. You need a complete set of services including client-centric marketing, comprehensive technology, automated systems and an inspirational culture. Our office is a progressive and trendy real estate firm, which is a team in itself. Don’t get us wrong, we do allow teams in the office, but primarily we all work together as a team to help the overall good of our office and our community. 

Financial Independence

Be an entrepreneur and grow your real estate business utilizing a proven system with marketing designed for success. We offer all of the tools, training and coaching necessary to exponentially grow your business and take it to the next level. On average, NextHome Advisor Associates increase their business by over 35% each year. 

All-Inclusive Services

Our technology, advertising, marketing, training and integrated systems are all part of the package. We created a comprehensive platform and full set of services all in one place. This includes a single sign on to our Branding Center, Marketing Center, Presentation Center, and Intranet. Each agent is equipped with an individual WordPress website, lead generation website, individual mobile app powered by HomeSpotter, text codes, Presentation Builder, virtual phone system with own extension, Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), Smart Zip, paperless transactions that can be done from either a computer or tablet, and e-sign software at no additional cost!

Comprehensive Marketing

Digital and print marketing working seamlessly together for consistency when marketing properties and prospecting. Our vibrant and elegant marketing provides consumers the confidence that we market properties the right way, syndicating their listing to over 800 websites through our own National Listing Distribution system, featuring their listing on 5 of the top Real Estate portal sites, providing luxurious property flyers and brochures, automated activity reports and 

Mobile Technology

Life is on the move and real estate happens everywhere. Transact, market, and execute your business anywhere, anytime. Our technology is mobile friendly, which means you can work from anywhere at anytime. 

Growth and Development

Knowledge is power and essential to your success. We all know… change is constant. Stay ahead of new technologies, consumer trends, transactional shifts and more through progressive products and training provided by NextHome Advisors. We offer subject specific webinars, videos and in-person classes such as: personal website and Facebook page development, mastering negotiations, prospecting, and much more. Grow your expertise through our weekly training sessions, weekly webinars, online training and comprehensive learning library, and grow your business. 

Collaborative Events

We offer a collaborative environment where agents share ideas, best practices and knowledge. We work together because we know we are stronger together. We collectively give back to each other and to our communities. We are not only colleagues, we are family. 

Leads, Leads, Leads

Leads are generated from a variety of sources that we provide to you, including your personal website, Featured Listings program, Mobile Connect, Trulia Profile, and Reach 150 profile – all with no referral fees. We are about providing quality leads, not quantity or “junk” leads. We also have available Floor Time and Opportunity Time available. 

Success Recognition

You work your @** off and deserve to be recognized for it!  We celebrate what you do to help people build dreams, memories and families. 


On-demand, web based and live training on our programs and services. Communicate directly with a live NextHome corporate support staff person that is focused on responding promptly and accurately to your questions, or, ask either of the two brokers!



Whether you are an experienced agent or new to the profession, discover the NextHome Advisors advantage. Contact Jason Jakus, CEO & Managing Broker, at 239-823-5337 today for your confidential meeting!

Our Single Sign-On Intranet

Our Single Sign-On Intranet

Our Services as a NextHome franchisee:

  • Consumer Centric Brand: A modern style that connects, resonates, and communicates what you do.
  • Relevant Marketing: Showcase lifestyle and community with passion, vision, quality, and design.
  • Innovative Technology: Achieved through custom development with partnerships with creative products.
  • Mobile Tools: Success and growth rely upon an ability to adapt to trends.
  • Fresh Culture: Thrive in a collective environment based on progressive real estate business.
  • Savvy Advertising: In the places and spaces where your clients will connect with you.
  • Integrated Systems: One hub access a network of services, marketing, training, and business tools.
  • Expansive Training: On-demand, web-based and live with focus on the practical, new and creative.

What Our Office Offers Agents:

  • Aggressive Commission Splits and Caps compared to other local offices.
  • Affordable & Flexible Fees: NextHome offers a cap on contribution to the company so you get to keep more of your hard earned money. NO MONTHLY FEES.
  • Signs: Our firm provides standard office panel signs and frames at NO cost to you (unless the sign is stolen or damaged). Agents are responsible for purchasing name riders and directional signs.
  • Technology: Each agent is equipped with an individual WordPress website, individual mobile app, text codes, virtual phone system, paperless transactions that can be done from either a computer or tablet, and e-sign software at no additional cost!
  • Local Advertising: Newspaper open house directory, Homes and Land, social media marketing, and several other outlets.
  • Advertising Tools:
    • Design Center: Create NUMEROUS pieces of marketing with direct MLS integration including: Flyers, Property Cards, Single Property Websites, and the list GOES on!
    • Presentation Builder: NextHome has provided this software that will help you create a listing presentation that will help win you that listing. Not going to lie, they are pretty classy!
    • Listing & Open House Distribution: Agent listings are automatically pushed to the National Listing Distribution Program which are on the top sites where people look for homes (Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo, AOL, etc.). Our program also creates automatic traffic reports that can be sent to your seller weekly, set it and forget it! Open houses will also be distributed to all the top sites, social media, and other mediums.
  • Our Culture: Our office is a progressive and trendy real estate firm, which is a team in itself. Don’t get us wrong, we do allow teams in the office, but primarily we all work together as a team to help the overall good of our office.
  • Accessibility: Basically, 24/7/365, broker or manager support when you need it.
  • Brick and Mortar: We are a brick and mortar office, however, most anything can be done from the comfort of your home office.

The Bottom Line:

  • We are a fun and progressive office, backed by one of the fastest growing franchises in the nation…
  • We have fun and make good money while doing it…
  • You are a name and NOT a number…
  • …What are you waiting for? Contact us today for a confidential interview!

Join our team. We’ll change your life.

NextHome Advisors
Broker: Jason M. Jakus
Direct: 239-931-9778